European Commission and the Golden Dawn hand in hand against ERT

EC-GDEuropean Commission:

“The Commission has not sought the closure of ERT, but nor does the Commission question the Greek Government’s mandate to manage the public sector. The decision of the Greek authorities should be seen in the context of the major and necessary efforts that the authorities are taking to modernise the Greek economy. Those include improving its efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector.”

Golden Dawn:

“We do not mourn for those perjurer journalists that exploited their position in ERT to contaminate the Greek people with their Marxist poison and defame our Movement while draining loads of public money (…) Especially, when we will pay huge lay off compensations, in pro-crisis sums, for more than 2,600 employeees, many of whom will be hired again after a few weeks or months. (…) The new outlet will immediately  hire 1,000 – 1,200 employees which means that soon with more hirings the new ERT will reach today’s number of employees” (…) “The hasty way in which New Democracy dealt with the issue will not result in reduction of budget expenses”


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